Thursday Night Live at the Friars club begins 2019 season

The fall season had packed shows every Thursday and we are excited to begin hosting the 2019 season. Stay tuned for some amazing special guests as musical director Victor Lesser brings an exciting show to sold out audiences every Thursday

New York City performed by Victor Lesser

Check out this great new tune penned by Victor Lesser about his hometown of New York City performed with the Manhattan City Music Orchestra live at Cipriani

Piano at the Harvard Club

Victor Lesser provided elegant piano Music at the Harvard club for Manhattan City Music

featured in West Hartford Magazine

Kat and Scott’s Elegant NY wedding with Manhattan City Music was featured in West Hartford Magazine

The wedding was an evening of classic New York romance and flair including dancing by the Manhattan City Music Orchestra

Wedding at Skylark Terrace Lounge

The Manhattan City Music small group/DJ combination provide an amazing mix of Contemporary, Classic and Persian music to activate the wedding celebration for Marc and Jessa