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Beautiful 60th birthday celebration

Had a great time playing at Arlington Steak House on Lexington Ave for a 60th birthday celebration! Our trio performed hits including Sinatra, Reggae, and Contemporary dance tunes.  Not to mention the food was fantastic. A wonderful way to end the weekend.

Concierge Choice Awards 2015

Concierge Choice Awards 2015

We were proud to be a part of the Concierge Choice Awards for the 9th year in a row! The awards were MC’d by Victor Lesser, plus Michael Oberholtzer and Geneva Carr from Hand to God, with special guest Andréa Burns from ON YOUR FEET!  Last year’s special guests were Sting and Tony Danza! This event acknowledges the crème de la crème of New York City’s attractions. We cannot wait to see what next year’s CCA’s bring!

Wedding Music – Top Tips On Booking Wedding Musician

How many musicians do I need?

The size of the wedding party is the key to this question. A duo with discreet amplification can happily entertain a group of up to 60-70 people. A trio can cope with up to 100 people. As the party size increases, so does the size of the venue. You need more happening on stage to catch the attention and get the party going. A four or five-piece band with a small PA sound system is generally required if the party is 100 or more.

To entertain 200 people and beyond, the quality of the PA system and the lighting for the stage and dance-floor becomes crucial to the success of the event. An act is required that is able to present a “stage show” that not only sounds good but also looks good, in terms of movement and costume, with the ability to catch the attention of the crowd … even those at the back of a big hall!

How do I find the right band?

The quality of musicianship is the most important factor. Listen to recordings of the band performing live, where available.

Repertoire and experience come next. How long has the band been involved in wedding entertainment? Can you talk to a “satisfied customer” … a couple who used the band for their wedding and were, hopefully, delighted with the result? If it’s possible, watch the band perform live.

How will the performance be organised?

You can expect approximately 3×45 minute sets of live music in a four hour period … or 2×1 hour sets, if it suits you better. If the musicians are carrying a PA system, they will probably come equipped with a CD player and will be able to play CDs of a similar style of music for half an hour before the first set and in the breaks between the sets, giving professional-quality background music when the band is offstage.

For peace of mind, organize your music through a reputable agency like Manhattan City Music. Make sure you receive, sign and return a contract stipulating when the band will arrive, when the performance will take place and the agreed amount of remuneration. You should expect to be able to talk to the bandleader a few weeks before the wedding to discuss any specific preferences you require.

That first dance is something really special. If you approach the band well before the event, the guys will usually be prepared to learn your chosen song, if it’s not already in their repertoire.

How much should I expect to pay?

Reliability and quality of performance are the two attributes that are essential for headache-free, successful music at a wedding. If you go for cheap, you are likely to sacrifice either or both of the above!

Depending on the versatility of the musicians, the quality of equipment (PA system … possibly back lighting for the stage and for the dance-floor), the price increases. Larger bands cost proportionately more.

Call us for a quote @ 212-678-0445

Manhattan City Music is a company that provides music of all styles and types for weddings, birthday parties and corporate events in the New York.  To find out more about all aspects of wedding music planning and to get up-to-date info on live music for weddings in the New York. We are a company run by musicians, so you can be sure that all the important aspects of your live wedding music will be attended to by knowledgeable, experienced professionals.


The DJ vs. Band Debate: What’s Best for Your Wedding

Band? or…

There’s nothing like a live wedding band to get a crowd stoked and create a sense of sophistication. Music groups can synergize with the tone of your wedding and almost any niche theme, offering everything from accordion to klezmer ditties. A good bandleader will play the master of ceremonies at your reception if you want him to interact with folks on the dance floor, pay attention to the “feel” of the room, and select music accordingly.

  • Pros: Live music is, well, live. You and your guests will experience the pleasure of a performance. Anything can happen to raise the excitement level, from an infectious horn-section interlude to a moving solo.
  • Cons: Bands can be more expensive than DJs. Also, no matter how great the band, they can’t have the repertoire of a standard DJ, who can keep a huge variety of music on hand.


Don’t fear the DJ: The days of disco fever and flashing lights are gone. Today’s disc jockeys are artists in their own right, offering balanced and eclectic mixes of musical styles for all ages. Plus, the songs played will sound exactly as you remember them, encouraging sing-alongs and improvisation. And, depending on the amount of equipment a DJ brings, she’ll take up less dance floor real estate and can be relocated with relative ease.

  • Pros: If there are a dozen songs you’re dying to hear at your wedding, it likely won’t be a problem for your DJ to find each track. Also, DJs are generally less expensive than bands. A DJ with a charismatic stage presence and excellent emcee skills can really set the mood and keep the party going.
  • Cons: On the opposite end of the spectrum, a DJ with a less-than stellar personality can be a party-killer. Also, improvisation is tough if, say, your dad is dragging behind tempo on the father-daughter dance or your nieces and nephews decide to crash the chicken dance.

Above all, try to go and see the wedding band or DJ actually performing to know if they’re truly right for you. No, you don’t need to crash a wedding at someone’s house, but if they’re playing a reception at an event space, or a club, peek your head in the back unobtrusively and watch for their style and vibe. Frequently a DJ or band leader will act as the MC of a wedding reception, which means you’ll need them to be entertaining but not annoying, polished, friendly, and charismatic.


Jason Mraz performs with MCM!

MCM performed for the 10th year in a row for the annual Sarcoma Foundation of America gala fundraiser at Cipriani on Wall Street. Guest Jason Mraz performed his wonderful hit song “I’m Yours” with the Manhattan City Music orchestra.
Jason Mraz